To prepare for this year’s midterm General Elections, GCAP reached out to some of the candidates in the Pennsylvania State Senatorial Elections to get to know them better and to find their stance on important construction industry issues.

The following 2018 Pennsylvania Senatorial Candidates submitted responses to the GCAP questionnaire, which allows for the construction industry to get to know the candidates and to see who can best help the construction industry.  For more information on listed candidates and/or construction issues, please do not hesitate to contact GCAP.

District 22 – Republican Frank Scavo III

District 24 – Republican Bob Mensch, INCUMBENT

District 30 – Democrat Emily Best

District 32 – Democrat Pamela Gerard

District 34 – Democrat Ezra Nanes

District 40 – Republican Mario Scavello, INCUMBENT

District 40 – Democrat Tarah Probst

District 44 – Democrat Katie Muth

District 46 – Democrat James Craig

District 48 – Republican Mike Folmer, INCUMBENT

If you are a candidate and do not see yourself listed, let us know.  Or if the Senatorial Candidate from your district is not listed, let us know and we’ll try and get this individual to respond so that construction professionals can make educated votes on the best person for the construction industry.